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A Little Attention Paid to the Stair-Runner Makes a Staircase Extra Grand

Custom Stair-Runners & Decorative Stair Rods

I’m an intern-architect and I’ve been working in the New Orleans area for several years. I’ve worked on my fair share of high-end residential projects, and this experience has really helped me cultivate an eye for the stylish touches that can really bring out the best in design and decor. When it comes to staircases, I’ve become quite familiar with the value that a good runner and a set of stair rods can add to a staircase.

If you want to spice up your own staircase with these features, you can start by learning the basic definitions. A stair runner is simply a piece of carpet installed on your stairs. Stair rods are bars tucked into the base of each riser to secure the runner. In many modern cases, stair rods are ornamental. They can still play an important role, though: Stair rods can cover up seams between separate pieces of the runner and conceal dimples caused by the nails or staples used to secure the runner.

A traditional stair run...

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Things You Need to Consider When Shopping for Designer Carpets

Designer carpets

Flooring plays an important role when it comes to the overall look of one’s home or office. It is true that tiles, concrete and hardwood installation Houston are still widely considered these days, but it has also been found out that designer San Diego carpet is making a huge comeback in the flooring market.

Aside from the fact that carpeted floors look better, it also gives the home or business owner the advantage of being able to change their flooring design easily. Elegance and sophistication – these are two things that carpets could offer. Many are thrilled about it, but everyone should also understand that one’s choice of carpet should be based on a number of different factors.

- First and forem...

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