Hard-Surface Flooring: What are Your Options?

Hard-Surface Flooring

Choosing the right type of flooring is a crucial part of home improvement, building or renovation. There are some homes that can look better and more elegant than others simply because of their choice of hard-surface flooring.

In the first place, what are the different flooring options available? Your choice of flooring plays a crucial role, especially if you are looking forward to a more elegant and sophisticated-looking home or office.

Before we discuss these options, let us first find out why hard surface floors are preferred by most individuals. First and foremost, hard flooring is the top choice because of the different designs made available. You are not limited to one flooring design, but instead, you are presented with a large variety of styles that will match your personality, needs and standards.

Hard floors also require little to no maintenance at all. They are sturdier, and almost any property can go perfectly with hard-surface floors. The quality of these types of floors usually exceeds customers’ standards, which make it a perfect choice for everyone.

Another reason why hard floors are the typically the first choice is because they’re cheaper. Yes, the cost may vary depending on the project, but in general and if compared with other flooring types, this option is cost effective and is always within consumers’ reach.

Know your Options

American Walnut and American Cherry are two of the most common choices for hard-surface flooring. These are made up of wood, and people simply love its durability. While Walnut is harder and Cherry is softer, people’s choice between the two depends on their budget and how hard they want their flooring to be.

Walnut is usually more expensive, but it is more durable and harder as compared to Cherry. Of course, there are other types of woods available, but the main concept is that the harder the wood, the more durable it is.

Using tiles can also be a great option, for those who would rather want a home out of the contemporary. Most modern homes these days make use of tiles simply because of the numerous designs available, and they’re practically cheaper than hardwood floors.

I know I have mentioned that hard-surface flooring is cheaper than other flooring options such as carpeting. If you’re going to look at the upfront costs, hardwood and tiles are usually two times more expensive than carpeted floors.

But, here’s a piece of advice that you may want to consider, not just when choosing your flooring, but when buying / choosing other products and / or services as well: look at the scenario at a bigger perspective. Hard-surface flooring can be more expensive initially, but they last longer and do not require replacement and maintenance most of the time.

While carpets are doubly cheaper, they only last five to seven years, max – and that depends on how you maintain and care your carpet. On the other hand, hard surface floors usually last 20-30 years, or sometimes even more.

Whether you’re looking to use tiles or hardwood as your flooring option, always consider and look at the bigger picture. Looking at it on a bigger scale allows you to decide properly and help you save thousands of dollars in the long run.