I Want My Home To Express Who I Am

Creative Designs In Carpet

I have just recently purchased my first home, and now I have the task of making it my own. There is nothing wrong with the house as it is, but I want it to be more indicative of who I am as a person. When someone walks into my home, I want them to immediately get a sense of what type of person I am.

My mother has been helping me come up with ideas that will help my home stand out, and we came across an article online about getting custom made carpets. This means that you can be creative and have a designer make a carpet that is truly unique. This is right up my alley, so I have been doing a bit more research about it.

Another option would be to find one-of-a-kind rugs that are made by local artists. This may be a bit less expensive than the first option since I would not have any say in the design of the carpet. I would simply have to select one that fits my personality. This is a great option, but I have to do some deep digging. My personality is not one that most people come across every day.

I am very quirky and witty, so I would love to find something that has that type of appeal. Something that has a lot of colors and different textures would really appeal to me. I saw several different ideas while browsing, including one that had pockets to hold your slippers once you sit down. While that is quirky and unique, I don’t think I want to buy one that is so wacky people will look at me funny.

Now that I am thinking more about it, I think the original idea of designing my own would be better. I like this idea a lot because I can be a little off the wall without going too far off the deep end. I want to have different carpets made for several rooms in the house. This is a lot more stylish than having the same boring color in every single room.

Since I am into gourmet cooking, I am thinking about having a carpet made for the kitchen that highlights several of my favorite dishes. I love kittens, so this may be a great carpet idea for my den. I would put that one in the bedroom, but I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I am a crazy cat lady. The ones I place in the great room and bathroom will also be a reflection of me, but I haven’t decided on what I would like for those rooms.

Buying a new home was a pretty good experience, but making it my own is the best part. I know it seems a little off for me to be so excited about purchasing new carpets, but it is very important to me. This will help turn this from a random house I purchased into my very own palace.